Welcome to this travel guide which will show you the essentials of an inexpensive vacation in Vienna. Is your budget tight? It’s allright. This guide shows you where to sleep, eat and drink cheap in Austria’s capital.

Doing Vienna on a dirt cheap budget

This is definitely not a complete guide to the city. This site concentrates on giving you tips on what’s available at the bottom of the barrel. From cheap kebabs to fill your stomach, to a mediocre bed at an inexpensive hostel.

But it’s not all cheap cheap cheap.. Vienna has plenty to offer for people who demand value for money. A visit to one of the many coffee houses is a delightful experience that is not likely to cost you much.

If you are the kind who enjoys stumbling around in our distant past, a trip to the Museumsquartier (Museum’s quarter) should be rewarding.

Before you decide to end the day and go back to your bunk bed you should knock back a few beers at one of the many cheap bars in Vienna.

Easy to visit

Vienna is centrally placed in Europa and easily reached by plane or train.

Austrian Air is the flag carrier and have numerous routes to other European cities. Most other airline carriers have direct flights to Vienna from their hubs. Budget airlines like Ryanair has routes to nearby cities like Bratislava, Linz and Brno. You can travel from these airports to Vienna by train/bus. The trip is likely to take appx. 2 hours from all destinations.

By train Vienna is only 5 hours from Prague and 2 1/2 hours from Budapest. Trains arrive to Vienna from Amsterdam, Strasbourg, Bucharest, Sofia, Belgrade, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Munich, Moscow, Kiev, Milan, Warsaw, Cracow, Prague, Cheb, Rijeka, Koper, Rome, and Venice.

Have an enjoyable visit!

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